Many users ask us why to update WordPress, in the first place, we always think about security; however, there are other factors as important as security.

Let’s Quickly Review: What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a very widespread content management system in recent times; it belongs to open source platforms, Gnu General Public License (GPL), it has global communities with millions of users, developers, and a lot of assistance.

Above all, WordPress differs from the rest of CMS systems thanks to the wide variety of hosting options, functionalities, plugins, and a large number of templates available on the market, some free and others under purchase.

It should be noted that according to recently collected data, more than 100,000 new WordPress sites are created every day, either on the platform itself or in other hostings or accommodation.

If it’s so popular, why should updating WordPress worry me?

Since it is a totally open system, consequently, the code is available to all kinds of users, some for the purpose of improving the popular CMS compared to other programmers who prefer to work rather on looking for holes through which to insert viruses and provoke the chaos.

It is one of the great differences between custom development and one under CMS.

What to do before updating WordPress

Although a WordPress update is not complicated, it can be the opposite and even become an impossible mission.

Surely if we have known from the beginning how the project to update is developed, we will respond more simply to why update WordPress, we will check if the design of the operating logic was separated correctly, that is, was a WordPress child theme made?

If the theme to be updated has been touched or modified on the original (parent) theme, probably and almost certainly, an update would affect its correct operation. Therefore, the first thing is to separate the WordPress core or Cuore from the design and other extra features.


As we have already discussed at the beginning, the main reason why updating WordPress is precisely security.

In this article, we are not going to go into detail on how to build for security or which plugin is the most suitable since the topic that brings us here is why to update.

Each new version of WordPress that appears is aimed, on the one hand, at improving the working environment and its functionalities, and on the other, at improving system security according to new technologies and program improvements.

To ensure that we do not lose data, the ideal if our hosting does not have a robust backup system, is to make a copy of the entire site, both at the level of files and databases.

The Plugins

Before performing a version update of the theme, you must carefully verify that each of the plugins that are installed will respond correctly after installation.

It is necessary to check that each plugin will be compatible with the new version; there is no automatic system that indicates this. Therefore you have to access the website of each plugin and check that its developers have validated the correct operation for the latest version of WordPress.