Online sales gain weight in our country. 11% of total purchases are already made through the network, as published by eShopper Barometer. This increase in figures is due to the effort that online stores have been able to make to reinforce their security measures and offer a secure payment process.

And how do you guarantee safe browsing for your users?

Offers a secure connection

You will ensure that the purchase in your online store is secure, implementing SSL and HTTPS certificates. With them, the data that circulates through your website is encrypted. If they are intercepted, they cannot be interpreted or modified. In this way, identity theft is also avoided.

Sections that your page should show

These sections will not protect your website from possible threats, but they will make your customers feel more secure when making their purchase. They are as follows:


Contact form, yes; But this is not the only way of communication that you offer. Also, publish the phone number and email address of your company.

Legal warning

In this section, you must indicate, and as established by law, the following information:

  1. Identification data of the company or its manager
  2. Registered office
  3. Registration data in the Mercantile Registry

Terms of use

Establish the circumstances through which customers access, navigate, and use your website. It also clarifies the rights, obligations, and responsibilities to which the company and user are subject during this process.

Terms of sale

This is one of the most relevant sections. Offer practical and interesting information to your clients. If it fits their interests, it will be decisive for them to start their purchase.

The data you define here are:

  1. Delivery time
  2. Shipping costs
  3. Product delivery tracking information
  4. Return policy

Ensures a reliable payment process

Choose a secure online payment service, such as Iupay or Paypal. Both top the list of the best value for the permanent guarantee they offer, even in fraud situations. Add to these payment methods, cash on delivery.

Ask for your Trust Online seal.

How do you get one? Achieving it is not easy before you must pass a series of tests. Through these, the transparency of your page, and its protection, as well as the data processing it performs, will be checked. It will measure the security it offers during the purchase process and its effectiveness in the return system. Passed this tough exam, the seal will certify that your website is safe.

If you follow these tips, your web security will be more than proven!